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Yet another awesome Klingon design!

Now you can adorn yourself with the ultimate warriors weapon - The sword of Kahless.

Cut from stainless steel, drilled, finished on both sides and then buffed to perfection.
You may find other items with similar shape and function, but you will not find this level of quality anywhere but here.

Because each piece is finished by hand, there are very slight variations.
The bat'leth itself will measure between 1 7/16 and 1 1/2 inches long.
With a total average length of 2 5/16 to the top of the ear wire.
They are 1mm thick making them extremely light weight.


The silver option is the natural color of polished stainless steel.
The gold color option is 'gilded' stainless steel - much thicker than electroplating - the color will not 'wear off'.