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Darkstars Costume Creations

Arora parading as a fully clothed female Farengi

Wether you are dressing for a Halloween party or a Star Trek Convention, we have accommodated many different wardrobe needs.

We use the finest materials available such as silk, satin, velvet, moleskin, vintage brocade fabrics, natural leathers and real furs...



Bright, Flashy, Sparkly, Colorful...
Rugged, Battle worn, Combat ready... 
Elegant, Classy,  Formal...
Renaissance, Fantasy, Outer space...
Whatever you desire, there is a way to get it done!

Photo of Arora on stage as the Klingon assasin
Photo of Arora before going on stage as the Klingon assasin

Making The Klingon Assassin...
Cape: Alligator Leather, Raccoon Fur, Steel Scales
Corset and Halter: Calf Skin, Steel Chain and Brass Links

Outer Skirt: Lamb Skin, cowhide, Steel Buckle, Brass Chains
Gloves: Pig Skin, Metal Claws, Metal Scales
Pants: Stretch Cotton
Boots: Cow Hide,Brass Zippers, Steel Chain, Metal Claws, Metal Cutouts

Bat'leth: 60/61 Aircraft Aluminum, Calf Skin Wrapped
Dagger: Custom Made By Robert Brisebois

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