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The unusual and special things... Pets, Birds, Reptiles and Fish...

Cross Breed Peafowl
Exotic Bird
Scarlet Macaw
Black Rockfish
Police Service Dog
Pet Lynx
Painted Sheep
Deer Fawns
Green Wing Teal
Cross Breed Pet Fox
White Cobra
Brush Wolf
Bald Eagle
Wood Duck
Barn Owl
Reeves Pheasant

All the things you would expect...

Alaskan Moose
Hooded Merganser
Ibex Sheep
North American Pronghorn
Brown Phase Black Bear
Domestic Dog
Idaho Cougar
African Lion
Domestic Sheep
Idaho Elk
Kansas Whitetail
Pet White Fox
African Blackbuck
Alaska Caribou
Texas Whitetail and Javelina

And a few things you might not expect...

Pet Boxer
Prize Stallion
Russian Polar Bear
Domestic Longhorn Bull
African Hippo
Alaska Walrus
African Baboon
Barn Owl and Shrew
4 horn Sheep
Bald Eagle
Mako Shark
Swordtail Butterfly
Asian Cobras

The majority of this work is done for Native American and First Nation tribal members.
Eagle parts and feathers are an important part of native culture. We take great pride in preserving these items to create ceremonial pieces as well as mounting whole specimens to celebrate and preserve native heritage for our own as well as other tribes.
We also do pieces for museums, schools, libraries, and zoos but as an individual; you can not be in possession of these animals legally unless you have the proper documentation. You must have a federal permit authorizing your lawful possession of such an animal.
If you are un-sure of your documentation please contact us before you bring in a specimen.


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