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Darkstars Mural Creations

 Mural work is billed according to the finished size and complexity of the design.

When requesting mural work please consider the following in advance:


Actual square footage of the area.


Will the finished product need any of the following elements:

UV protection


Pearl, prismatic or metallic paint features

Black light reactive paint, Glow in the dark paint or both.


Will the design need to be removable; or be painted directly on the wall surface.

Do you have a complete design or image already in mind, or will you need a custom design created from your idea.


Removable images delivered to your location will only have the additional cost of safe and properly insured shipping.

If you require 'artist installation' of the work, personal transportation will be added to the cost.


On location creations will involve the added cost for transportation and appropriate on or off site lodging.

To get an estimate on your project please use the CONTACT PAGE

To discuss your ideas in person visit us at an event - GO TO THE EVENTS PAGE

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