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Heavily armored with long teeth that are visible even when its mouth is closed; the crocodile is an imposing, prehistoric-looking creature. 


Thorough out history the saltwater croc hide has been valued above all other crocodilians. The authentic skins sell for a premium, but you can have the look of this exotic animal for a fraction of the cost. 


This is high quality calf skin leather with a patent bone color finish. The embossing is deep and can be seen on the suede side as well. Zoom the pictures for a more detailed look at the texture. 


Tons of awesome leather here! 

These are entire calf side averaging 57 inches long, 27 inches at its widest point, 22 inches wide at the narrow part. The piece pictured is one of the several pieces you could receive. Some skins have small imperfections like what is pictured in the third and fourth images.


Thick and durable with a semi-rigid tan. Perfect for purses, boots, costumes, wallets or whatever. It is bendable and sewable, The last photo is a piece we have french seamed as an example - that piece is not included with your purchace.  


These are large pieces - skins will be rolled and mailed in a tube.

Crocodile Belly Leather - Huge Piece

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