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A bear totem or spirit guide symbolizes great strength, security and determination. Traditional names for the bear include King of the Forest and Grandfather; both of which show the respect that the bear inspires in Traditional Shamanic cultures.


This is the upper half of a black bear skull that has been painted with bold patterns in black and red ink.  A striking and powerful piece wether for art and decoration or as a well balanced companion on shamanic journeys.


It has been cleaned by Dermestidae beetles and professionally treated leaving the delicate septum bones perfectly intact as shown in the last photo.  It measures 5-1/2 inches across the widest part and 10 inches long.


*Some states have regulations against purchasing bear parts, check your local regulations before purchasing.  Please do your own research - we are not responsable for your choice to make an un-informed desision.


All of our natural animal parts are left over from a taxidermy or furrier business and are from animals that have been legally harvested, pen raised or farmed.

Tribal Painted Black Bear Skull

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