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Yet another exquisit morsel from the 'nothing goes to waste' catagory.


Spotts and stripes from ferral cats blended together with patches of slate blue rabbit fur. All the leftover bits left over from other projects combined have been combined to create this magnificent coat.


A marvelous example of modern furrier craftsmanship and a magnificent addition to any wardrobe collection. With a short cut and unique pattern it  is both fun and glamorous - appropriate for wearing with jeans or a gown.


It is lined with a rich black satin fabric.

One hidden inside pocket and 2 outside pockets. 

It closes with 2 furrier hook clasps in front and one hook and loop style clasp at the collar.



26 inches between armpits with coat closed and laying flat.

Arm: 20 inches, from shoulder line down the outside.

Shoulder: 22 inches, across the back.

Length: 34 inches from top edge of collar down back.

Sweep: 53 inches along bottom edge.


Add some excitement to your wardrobe!

The Cat and the Rabbit

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