The original painting this print is made from was a combination of sharpie markers, airbrush and hand brushed acrylics in heavy card stock paper.

The print is a 'full bleed' - no white border and no watermark on the print you receive. 


Predator without the mask:

Printed on 11 x 17 inch premium luster finish paper stock:
200 prints have been made from the original of this fan art creation.

You will receive the lowest number available when you order, it is artist signed and numbered on the back.

The back side is numbered and bar-coded with the production print date. 


Predator with the mask:

Printed on 8.5 x 11 inch premium luster finish paper stock: 

The original was done with sharpie markers and airbrush on black light reactive poster paper.

Each print is on luster finish black light reactive paper stock allowing the translucent blue ink to respond to UV light.
*Please be aware, the modern LED black lights do not generate the same frequency as the professional florescent tube black lights.
**The 'effect' is not as intense if you are using a black light flashlight or any black light that uses LED's instead of a tube.
The image of the framed print is only to show how the print was displayed, a frame is not included with this item.


Printed on 5.5 x 4.25 inch premium glossy card stock:

Open edition 'mini-print".

Artist signed and dated on the back.


Full set of 3:

1 Xenomorph,

1 Predator without the mask,

1 Predator with mask.
Each piece will be printed on 12x18 inch luster finish photo paper stock.
All 3 panesl will be signed and dated when you order.


The first image is only to show how the original artwork was displayed, a frame is not included with any size option. 


If you have special requests or comments add them in the 'note to the artist' area.

Personallization is available on any item.

The artist can add your request on the front or back of the print.


This is a 'fan art' creation from Darkstars Creation.


* The Predator movie franchise was produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox® who also greenlit the AVP movie project.

Predator - With or Without the Mask