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The theme of transformation and change is present in Nature.  Coral shows us we can embrace the future while using our past as a foundation.  Wearing natural coral helps you live in the present, launching yourself on every wave of life to find your eternity in every moment. 


More than 320 pieces of real branch coral in red and natural pink, ready to be added to your next jewelry or crafting creation.  Each irregular shaped piece has been polished in a stone tumbler and drilled with a 1mm bit.  The longest piece is approximately 25mm (1 inch).


Total length of the entire string when pulled straight is 36 inches (approx. 92cm). Enough fishing line has been left on each end so they can be tied together or just add a clasp... Instant necklace or wrap around bracelet!


If you would prefer this strand as a finished jewelry piece strung on stainless steel wire with a lobster claw clasp send us a custom request :) 

Natural Ocean Coral - Drilled Pieces - Bracelet or Neaklace Making

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