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Another jewel for your winter wardrobe!


Mink has always been the most popular traditional choice in the fur trade when it comes to glamor coats. The pelt from a winter mink consists of a dense underfur and short thick guard hairs that are firm with a smooth, waxy feel. They are a very hardy, durable pelt to use for garments. It has a sleek glamorous look, a luxurious feel, it doesn't break down easily to daily wear and it is surprisingly warm and comfortable.


We obtained this piece in remarkable condition. The mink pelts are fully let out and the coat is still as lush as it was when it was originally made in the 1980's. The tuxedo trim down the front and around the collar is made from sections of long, fluffy, natural colored crystal fox pelts.

The only place there is slight wear; some of the long strands of fox hair around the furrier hooks. That section can be seen in the last image. We mention it because the fluffiness of the fox fur makes it not easily noticeable even in the photos. 


The lining is a back satin material with an embroidery patch that was never personalized (can be seen in last photo). If you want to retain the garments original condition the patch will be left as is, but if you would prefer to have it personalized with your initials or name, we will embroider it for you at no additional charge. Provide us with how you want it to read and allow for one extra working day before shipping. 


It has one hidden inside pocket along the seam, one inside zippered pocket with a cover flap (shown in the last photo), 2 outside pockets and closes with 4 furrier hooks.


We will gladly provide the professional Appraisal for all of our furs. Appraisals involve a complete, comprehensive examination and include a special “Exotic Furs Value Certificate”. This coats current appraised value paperwork can be included when the coat is shipped.


As with all of the garments we sell, it will be re-cleaned and well packed for safe shipping. Insurance and signature confirmation of delivery are included.



Outside 21 1/2 inches between armpits with coat closed and laying flat.

Inside 21 inches between armpit seams with coat opened and laying flat.

Arm: 25 inches, from shoulder edge line down the outside.

Shoulder: 16 inches between the sleeve seams.

19 inches, across the back to the edge of the sleeve top.  

Length: 46 inches from the top of the collar pelt down back.

48 inches from the top of the collar hair.

50 1/2 inches with the collar turned up.

Sweep: 54 inches along bottom edge including the fox hair.

Gorgeous Full Length Coat - Mink & Crystal Fox Fur -Luxury Winter Coat

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