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Another extraordinary example of one of the most unique animal skins you will find. An exquisitely well cared for vintage garment and an awesome addition to any collection! 


There are several species of fur and hair bearing seal - each one having a different look and texture to their pelt. The more interesting the fur looks, the more unusual it feels. Often mis-categorized as a fur seal, hair seals are distinctively different, having unique coats of stiff hair and no soft under fur. The hair when dry can have an iridescent sheen making them desirable in the fur trade; but they are by no means a rare animal. Most all of the coastal areas in the high southern and northern latitudes are abundant with them.


Although the animal itself is not rare - this coat - in this impeccable condition is indeed a rare historical treasure.


This particular pelt comes from a Russian hair seal sometimes called 'the golden seal' because of its unique coloring. It has thick, smooth and waxy feeling hair that looks like a blend of iridescent bronze, copper and brass. When the animal was wet or dry it could look like it was liquid gold and it has an almost reflective look in certain light.


After obtaining this piece it was thoroughly cleaned, completely restored and looks as pristine as it did when it was originally custom made in the 1920's.  In the photos you can see there are no wear or rub spots anywhere. No wear at all on the edges, sleeves, pockets or around the fur clips. Looking at it in person you would think it was newly made this season. It is lined with a chocolate satin material and accented with velvet trim that was properly cleaned but left original to maintain its historical value. The lining was embroidered for it's original owner 91 years ago. If you want to retain the garments original historic condition the embroidery will be left as is, but if you would prefer to have it re-done with your initials or name we will personalize it for you at no additional charge. Provide us with how you want the embroidery to read and allow for three extra working days before shipping. 


It has 2 outside pockets and closes with 2 furrier hooks.


We will gladly provide the professional Appraisal for all of our furs. Appraisals involve a complete, comprehensive examination and include a special “Exotic Furs Value Certificate”. This coats current appraised value paperwork can be included when the coat is shipped.


As with all of the garments we sell, it will be re-cleaned and well packed for safe shipping. Insurance and signature confirmation of delivery are included.



Outside 24 inches between armpits with coat closed and laying flat.

Inside 23 inches between armpits with coat opened and laying flat.

Arm: 25 inches, from shoulder edge line down the outside.

Shoulder: 16 inches between the sleeve seams.

22 inches, across the back to the edge of the sleeve top.  

Length: 40 inches from the base of the collar down back.

42 inches from the inside of the folded collar

45 inches with the collar turned up.

Sweep: 66 inches along bottom edge.


Seals have been a staple food of native northeast Asian, costal Russian and Alaskan Inuit people for thousands of years. This item is legal to buy, sell, own and transport anywhere within the United States. 


We are always happy to answer any questions. However, if you are going to contact us about your moral issues or delusions about the illegality of this garment please don't waste your time or ours. 


**If you are purchasing from outside the US please check your countries regulations on seal fur importation before you purchase. We are not responsible for items retained by customs.

Flawless Authentic Russian Hair Seal Coat - Natural Metallic Golden Sheen

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