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The Wood Duck is a medium-sized perching duck considered one of the most colorful of the North American Waterfowl. An adult Wood Duck can grow to be 21 inches long with a wingspan between 26 to 29 inches. The male has multi-colored, iridescent feathers and red eyes. 


A wonderful showpiece of the most colorful of North American ducks; this piece would be a lovely addition to any cabin, lodge or home. 


For those that want the beauty of nature in their home without the hassle of early morning hunting. Enjoy a wonderful composition of waterfowl without having to sit out in the cold.


Good things come in three's... Displaying two fully mature wood duck drakes and a hen positioned for an effortless landing.  Securely mounted on a piece of aged cedar drift wood for a natural look wherever you put them.  A fun and interesting way to display waterfowl in action.


The cost of this item includes crating for secure transport, shipping and insurance.


Local pick up can be arranged for Western Washington residents. These are captive bread, pen raised birds which do not fall under migratory waterfowl sale restrictions. Appropriate documentation will be sent with the mount. We are happy to answer any questions; feel free to send us a mesage. 


Add some wild color to your decore!

3 Beautifully Mounted Wood Ducks on Natural Drift Wood

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