- Real Fur Rug Restoration-

Do you have an important family heirloom rug that's Starting to crack or is falling apart?

Some older rugs only need the original backing material removed and replaced with new fabric.

A common problem with older rugs is the toes and paws start cracking and breaking away from the body and stitched areas will open up.


But sometimes the damage is far greater...


When the leather that holds the hair has deteriorated past the 'point of no return' it can no longer be sewn together.

But believe it or not these rugs can still be saved!

At this point recovery is a slow methodical process of bonding all the broken pieces to a surface that will do the job the leather did and hold everything together. We use a heavy upholstery fabric for this step you can see 'in progress' in these photos...


After everything has been put together to recreate the whole bear and the upholstery fabric is trimmed to the edge of the fur;

the rug can be processed the same way we would a freshly tanned skin. 



The trim fabric is machine sewn to the edge all the way around...


Padded quilting fabric is added to give the backside loft and then backing fabric is hand stitched to the edge trim...


We add a wood disk to all the paw pad areas so the hangers can handle the weight of the full rug without damaging the hide or the backing fabric on large or small animals...

The last thing to restore or repair is the old paint and finish work.

Here are a few before and after photos... 


UV can bleach out the original hair colors on your rug but sometimes that can be fixed too


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