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Please understand that because of the burdensome restrictions on travel and gatherings;

the events we attend are limited; making it difficult for us to meet and interact with our clients.

- We are accepting new clients on a very limited basis - 

To see what public venues we do attend please check the EVENTS PAGE.

We are aggressively managing to get projects finished as quickly as possible for those of you who have already placed custom orders. 

Photo of a mounted grey fox in a sitting, alert position. View is looking straight at the animal.

All the nature and wildlife related stuff...

Natural furs, Wildlife art, Custom jewelry, Taxidermy, Restoration & repair

Photo of a raccoon rug mount laying on the floor. The view is looking down at the animal from above.
Photo of a traditional Davy Crocket style raccoon skin hat. The angle of view shows off the tail.
Photo of elk ivory teeth that have been set in a discreet gold setting for dangle earrings.
Photo of a square stone tile carved with an Indian chief bust; showing a full feathered headdress.
Original art print; watercolor grey cat in front of a full moon with grey and blue misty background.

Original artwork, jewelry and custom hand made costumes with a sci-fi or fantasy theme...

Stargate themed dangle earrings; blue crystal encircled by hematite over a hematite pyramid.
Photo of a room displaying an original painting of the Starship Enterprise in front of a gas nebula.
Photo of Arora as the Klingon assassin - winner of the Monopoly 'best Klingon' costume contest.
Photo of a beige stone chunk carved with Klingon and Star Fleet insignia. Background is red and blue

- Thank you for visiting Raven Bear Design -

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